Positive Thinking in Bad Situations

Everyone looks at bad situations differently; it all just depends on the type of person and the type of situation occurring.

Sometimes people tend to make a bad situation worse than it really is. But is that healthy? People who make a situation worse than it appears to be doubles the stress. When the stress doubles, so do the hatred, violence, and drama.

In a bad situation, no matter what type or how bad it is, I try to make something positive out of it. If I were to make something even worse out of the situation, I would consider that pointless. Making the situation worse always leads to bad karma and the negativity grows stronger.

I have encountered many bad situations in my life. The most recent one I have had was on March 6. I just couldn’t believe that I had lost one of my very best friends. He meant the world to me, but now, we walk past each other like total strangers. The situation seems to get more and more negative every time I walk past him because of all the rumors, lies, and hateful words that were spoken.

He used to come over to my house, go out to eat, and go shopping with me all the time, and he was such a good friend. I bought him things, and talked to him every moment that I could. I was in love with him but he didn’t feel the same about me. I came across as “too clingy” to most people, including him, which was the main part of the bad situation. I tried to make the situation better by making new friends and contacting the old ones I thought I had lost.

Eventually, I turned a situation I thought was the complete end of the world into a good thing. There will never be a bad situation that is all bad. There are always positive things that can come out of it. The positive things that came out of my situation, for example, were that I got to make new friends, friends I didn’t even know I had were there to comfort me, I am a stronger and better person, and I found out I can live and be happy without him.

Many people think it takes a lot to make the best out of a bad situation. This, however, is false. The results on whether the situation turns out worse than it really is are based on a person’s thinking. If one thinks the situation will turn out worse, then chances are it will. If one has a positive attitude and thinks everything will be okay, then it will.

There is not exactly a right or wrong way to handle a bad situation. Each individual person will handle bad situations in their own way. My mom always says, “Everything happens for a reason and if it’s meant to be, then it’ll be.” She is right and I thank her for the wisdom. It changed how I look on every bad situation I encounter, and reminded me not to make the situation worse than it is. The following words are also wise to remember: “If you’re in a bad situation, don’t worry it’ll change. If you’re in a good situation, don’t worry it’ll change.”- John A. Simone, Sr.

Jessica Stanley is a staff writer for the Cougar Clause. She is a sophomore and this is her second semester on staff.